Bikes! Now here's a topic that divides folks...

Why'd you choose THAT bike? How well they handle and how fast they go.

Some people are fanatical about Brands but I really don't care what you ride - as long as you ride!

I chose my bikes because they suit ME - I'm short so the BMW R1100RT with a low seat adjustment worked fine for many years.... but then it was time for a new baby. [See the page Motorcycles and Aussie Trips for the New 2016 Indian Scout]

As you can see I've had Harleys but found that polishing chrome was NOT what I wanted out of life... So they had to go.

Here are some photos of my favourite motorcycles. Below that some journeys around Australia - as they say... it's all about the journey, never the destination....

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That's me on my BMW R1100RT in a country town.... I'm hopeless with photos and never remember the hundreds of places that I go


The blue bike is my 1996 Harley Davidson Springer loaded with luggage on a trip.



Little Purple Pig-Yamaha 650cc V-Star - was just the best "zip into town bike"... it's gone now as well.


Mother Softail Springer and Daughter 250cc ZZR, on Darwin wharf

So if it's not about the destination and all about the journey....

Then here are some motorcycle rides around Australia




Lets ride from Bundaberg to Darwin


Leaving the East Coast, it's July 2007... it's winter...

I'm rugged up in riding gear & wearing thermal underwear!


On a freezing cold winter morning (OK, 10 degree Celsius is freezing for me) I left the east coast and headed north to Townsville, I'm heading to the Northern Territory.

Yes I know it's shorter to go West, but Townsville has the best Chinese seafood restaurant in Australia and what's a couple of hundred extra K's for a treat like that. [It's called - Dynasty Chinese & Seafood]



Yacht in the Mackay river - tide's out, no rush - it'll be back

Going west I pick up the dinosaur trial.

The small town of Richmond has fossils exhibit and you walk where dinosaurs walked - excellent!

dino1 dino2



I don't need much of a map to get to Darwin - just go Left then turn right! You can't miss it!



Looking forward or looking back, it's the same view but I don't care... I'm going home!



Stopped for a break, still wearing those woollies!

It may look desolate but there's plenty wildlife. I saw emu, eagle, brolga, camel and dingo.

You just have to relax, enjoy the surroundings and you'll see plenty around each watering hole.


And finally cross the border

I'm home! Lived most of my life in "The Territory" and it does tug at the heartstrings...



nt nt8

Now you have to watch out for these monsters.

Road Trains Rule, OK.

Trucking Companies kindly put these notices in roadhouses so the tourists get some idea of just how dangerous these big boys are.


You need 4WD on some of these roads and a snorkel to get to Twin Falls!!

Once you leave the desert you can leave the road and enjoy so many waterholes.
The roadhouse at Renner Springs on the Stuart highway have a specialty - Steak and Onion sandwiches on home baked bread.

You can try getting off the road, and going to places like Mataranka hot springs and Edith falls


nt10 nt12

Just be sure to read the signs.... or ask these guys.. the birds know where the crocodiles are

nt15 nt16 nt17



This is the famous Crocodile shaped hotel at Jabiru.

The shape is difficult to make out at ground level but from up high you can see what an impressive building it is. Also has a great art display in the foyer.




This is the artwork in the foyer of the hote l. Quite stunning


I left the main highway and took a loop through Kakadu National Park and came across the “Bowali “ visitors centre – no admission charge, great to see.
It encompassed all aspects of Kakadu, from Uranium mining, parklands, burn off’s, aboriginal associations etc.
The radio-active stuff on display was fascinating and the areas overlay with the Gagadju ‘sickness place’… an ancient cultural verbal tradition which has basis in fact.
One of the best tourist/cultural centres we've ever visited and it's only a couple of km's out of Jabiru.

Arrived in Darwin and settled in for a beer or two.


This is sunset over the Timor sea


It's was time to leave and head south again and as every tourist knows you must stay a night at the Daly Waters Pub.


Daly Waters Pub - Photos can't do justice to this place, you have to see it for yourself. Every surface is covered with memorabilia - it's customary to leave something of yourself there.

Food is great and you're served by backpackers from every nation working their way around the country. There's even nightly entertainment.


Good basic bush accommodation, The cabins have names, mine was; Faith in Australia - very fitting considering the journey.



Signpost atop the Mount Isa lookout

It was on to Mount Isa and a tour of the town. The underground mine experience is brilliant.




Dinosaur exhibits at Winton

The small town of Winton has several dinosaur displays. It's very well presented and makes you feel quite insignificant when you think we had so many dinosaur herds in Queensland



Next was Longreach...

It's famous for the Stockman's' hall of fame and a museum commemorating the birthplace of Qantas where I could tour a retired 747.

nt20 nt30

After Longreach it was a cruizy ride back through beautiful country of the central highlands and Emerald, and then reached the ocean and turned south, heading home.

It took a month to do the this trip and rode over 7500 km.


How about a trip from Melbourne to Canberra (and back)


I was working in Melbourne for a while and took every opportunity to go for a long distance rides.

This trip was up the Hume Highway and stopped off to see the Dog sitting on the Tucker Box at Gundagai

I sang the song... "the dog sits on the tucker box.... 5 miles from Gundagai"... then rode on.



Made it to our nations' capital - it's hard to take photos from a motorcycle. (note the headlight in the picture)


OK, it's a pretty spectacular building. All covered in grass with this fantastic phallic symbol on top


Here are the famous views showing how 3 buildings are perfectly aligned - New Parliament house - old Parliament House and the War Memorial


Here's the view from the other end - from the War Memorial looking back to new Parliament House


The war memorial - even though you've seen it before, it never fails to move you.

A fitting tribute to our fallen


On the road again. It's OK... you see I have a map.....



When you're on the road, you keep an eye out for places to 'go'. This one was unique... quite a long drop!

Turned Right at Canberra, went up over the mountains and came to the southern ocean then followed the coast down Southern NSW and Victoria... around to Melbourne




The gardens at the Japanese War Cemetery at Cowra


Such a beautiful tranquil place. Can't exactly remember which trip this was on... I told you I do lose track


Now what about a ride to Coober Pedy ?

Yes, stuck a pin in a map and decided that Coober Pedy sounded like a great ride


After riding through the desert we're so happy to see this sign!

We ran alongside this salt lake which stretched as far as the eye can see mile after mile.

It's a long ride and I did it in the middle of a locust plague followed by a fly plague.




Next stop Coober Pedy - and my favourite sign - "Don't walk backwards" !

cp11 cp1

Downtown, this is main street

Budget underground accommodation..... or something more our style

cp2 cp3



An underground motel room carved from rock



It's a strange place but one you really must visit




1992 Yamaha Venture Royale and Beamer & Port Augusta



I felt so safe at the motel in Port Augusta! There was a "demonstration" scheduled in town so a whole heap of Police were in town.... we hit the road and kept going


Then there was a trip Melbourne to Brisbane

which took us through Bathurst, Tamworth & Parkes



Who could visit Bathurst and not ride around the famous Mount Panorama Race track? View from the top of Mount Panorama


There really is a giant guitar at Tamworth and a giant space telescope in Parkes

So many trips that now they begin to blend together

I've ridden from Darwin to Tasmania, from Melbourne to Adelaide & up to Cairns


The Great Ocean Road was a nice ride


Yes it's another Loo shot but you wouldn't believe how important they become on long bike trips


There were trips following the Murray River


The blue lake at Mount Gambier


Somewhere in the desert


Somewhere in the mountains



Encased in leather for the cold in Victoria


And stripped down for summer riding in the NT

(my first Harley in 1993 - another Springer - Hot Pink!)

On a trip to Cairns the weather turned ugly so had to Bowen... does that look like a storm coming?

fnq fnq1

And then it rained and rained and.... you get the idea...



Torrential rain for two weeks, but hey, it was all about the ride

What's next?

Well I've consulted the weather God's and it doesn't look good at the moment.... but....

One: I'm riding back to CAIRNS! Definitely want to do the trip in the sunshine and I want to get up into the hinterland

Two: I want to go to Jenolan Caves... that sounds like a really good run and I figure I can make a big circular trip out of it, riding down inland Queensland and NSW then cutting across to the caves and travelling back up the Coast...


Hope you enjoy the bike journeys

We're also glad to receive any feedback or if we can help, just ask. Cheers !