Welcome to my Home Page



This is it; my callsign

sigSo that gives you a clue that my hobby is Amateur Radio

But life's about being more than one dimensional so you'll find I have other passions.

There is a serious side concerned with building efficient antennas and I share what I've learned by creating DIY pages with photo galleries so that others might gain confidence to try the projects.

And the greatest escape of all, that would be my motorcycles. There's a picture gallery and link to some highlights of some road trips I've enjoyed.

My other great passion is Training; for Industry and Amateur Radio and I deliver EMCOM training package on behalf of the WIA.

I will add more links at some time in the future.

There's just never enough time, is there?

The CLUB(s)

As always seems to happen the Radio Club begins to take over your life and mine is no different.

I am a past Secretary of my local Bundaberg Amateur Radio Club

I'm also Club Webmaster (or is that Mistress??)

And I'm the Deputy controller for our WICEN group.

And what about Roller Derby I hear you ask?

Well I'm an NSO for them as well.... NSO is Non-Skating Official.

Then there's the Greyhounds

Adopting them. There are wonderful organisations called GAP (that either stands for Greyhound Adoption Program or Greyhounds As Pets - depending where you live). They take retired racing dogs and re-educate them to be good citizens. I've adopted one and walking him keeps me fit.

I also volunteer as a Greyhound Attendant at the Greyhound races so I can keep talking to Trainers about retiring their beautiful racing dogs into loving homes.


I also enjoy a beer and cider - in fact I have 6 on tap!


Two Ciders - a Dry and a Medium plus a couple of Ale's.


I also make an interesting Jaboticaba brew plus I make Soda Water to make mixers like Tonic or Lemon drinks which really refresh in the Queensland heat.



Now here's a topic that enthusiasts can discuss all nightindian1

What made you choose the bikes you have, how well they handle and how fast they go. Some people are fanatical about one brand or model but...

When it's all said and done, I really don't care what you ride - as long as you ride! smiley2

I chose my bikes because they suit me - I'm short so when I found it getting more difficult to throw my leg up over the BMW R1100RT it was time to look for a low and fast cruiser... so now my long distance bike is a 2016 Indian Scout - 1255cc that looks vintage but has state of the art technology and plenty of speed.

I try and do at least one long distance trip each year. There is just nothing like being on the road in the sunshine (or rain - it doesn't really matter) as long as you're on the road going somewhere. As some wise man once said - it's all about the journey - not the destination.

Come on a tour of Australia - motorcycle style


Here are some photos of my bikes.



BMW R1100RT in another country town


1996 Harley Davidson Springer loaded for a trip


Yamaha 650cc V-Star "Little Purple Pig"


Mother [Harley Springer] and daughter [250cc ZZR] on Darwin wharf


BMW now sold....


...replaced with a new 2016 Indian Scout

Link to Motorcycle Trips page