Learning to MAKE CHEESE !



Who wants CHEESE with that Beer?

First rule of any new venture....

Go to school and learn from the Master...

In this case it was a two day cheesemaking course run by Graham Redhead.

It's an intensive and exhausting weekend but you come home with 9 different cheeses and a head full of knowledge.



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Then we put what you learned into practice....

Living near the Baffle Creek Dairy it was easy to get home delivered very fresh non homogenized milk (it is pasteurised but avoids the protein splitting homogenizing machine) - they call the product Pure and Natural and it sure is.

The layer of cream on top reminds me of our childhood and those mornings fighting to get the cream from the bottle before anyone else at the breakfast table.

So the schedule runs something like this... Take delivery of 38Litres of fresh milk on Monday afternoon and then make cheese as follows....

Monday: Whole Milk Ricotta

Tuesday: Quark, Gourmet Feta, Camembert

Wednesday: Mozzarella

Thursday: Cheddar

Friday: Greek Feta



I enjoying making homemade pizza dough for the bases, I make our own pizza sauce, and now I can make the cheese.... the only thing I buy for Pizza Night is the Pepperoni, Olives and Anchovies...

hmmmm wonder if I could farm anchovies?


So the kitchen is converted into a Cheese factory


Setup on kitchen bench...Argh! Beer and Cheesemaking - what a combo

beer_n_cheese cheddar1

Pressing the Cheddar


Cheddar, pressed, dried & shrink wrapped


Camembert's ready to go into a fridge to "mould-up"



Sloppy Feta in cheese hoops


Six Gourmet Feta's in the fridge


Quite a production line


Camembert after 2 weeks in 9C fridge


Nice coating of mould


They are now sealed to ripen for a few weeks



Making Ricotta is easy


Ricotta rises to the surface and you skim it off



Quark hangs in cotton bags to drain


Mozzarella made into small balls for our homemade pizza


If you've learned anything here, I'm delighted and I'm also happy to receive any feedback. Cheers !